Thing 5- RSS Feeds

I am really enjoying the Google Reader. It’s like mini-professional development courses! There is lots of good information, and yes, it is a lotof information. I branched out a little and found some specialized web sites that deal with children that have Autism and I couldn’t stop reading, I love my AU kiddos and there is so much new information out there. Social stories are tool to visually teach children with Autism.  I have written many social stories with my students but never thought of making a video. Teacher Space has a great videothat is a social story about personal space. Check it out!

Thing 4…Blogging

I have to say that I knew that blogging was interaction with others on the same or a similar subject, but I never realized the extent to which it can be used. I understand that blogging requires reading…but it also encompasses so many other things. As stated in the Lesson on Thing 4  ” Blogging is more than writing. Blogging is reading, reflecting, questioning, researching, synthesizing, linking, conversing, teaching, sharing and expressing ideas. Blogging is about writing, but blogging begins with reading.”  I  am starting to realize this even more and more as we go. The more that we read about a particular subject, the more points of view we see, the more educated we become!

I also get to include a link, which I have to tell you is way out of my comfort zone. But I think I can do it. I will use the blog about the Letters of Gratitude. What a touching story of inspiration and character education. I have a favorite quote by Aristotle : “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”… that pretty much sums up how I feel about education.

Another one of my favorite blogs was the one about Homework. Uggg….It is so true and it is one of those things that as a teachers,  we feel is necessary, but as a parent, it feels like it is unnecessary! I hate to give homework because the students that really, really need it , don’t do it!! It is so frustrating!!

Before i knoew what my particular Task was going to be, I made notes of all the links, and videos that were used in the blogs to teach and inform you just a little bit more on the subject. What an incredible learning tool to be able to use in education! To interact with people all over the world on a particular subject and get different objectives.

Last, I really appreciated the blog on Creating Lifelong Learners. This brings me back to Thing 1 and the 7 1/2 Habits…Having FUN. He uses a lot of visual, props and entertaining to engage his students in learning. He used sound effects to keep things going when it may be a little boring and he showed ways to enhance new vocabulary. You can bookmark the sound effects board if you would like!

All in all, blogging is just creating your thoughts and ideas, putting them into text and sharing with others!

Thing 3: Post 2 on Web 2.0

Let me first start out by saying WOW!!! The Future in Education is surely going to be a fast, but bright one. With news and information increasing at incredible speeds, I sure have a lot to learn. Matter of fact, I am going to be learning it along with my students…What a great experience!!

I will get to move on to the next step in technology, using digital tools and devices, such as blogs, wikis, podcast, etc… to engage my students in the most advances for of learning that is happening. This will be a challenging, yet fulfilling process where my students, all students, can learn, set goals, and excel!  I may even be able to throw in some fun too!

It will help our lessons be more engaging and hopefully, have a greater impact on research and learning! It is a new revolution that is ever changing. There wave of information out there. It can can be greatly overwhelming and I am going to use the advice of others that can teach me how to be a better learner.  I, as a teacher, will be a student too. As I learn to encorporate new technology to enhance teaching, the kids will see that I am learning too. I will probably be be able to learn a few things from them, as well!!

So…Here we go…2.0…I look forward to Learning for Life!!!

Thing 3:My first Post…Relecting on Lifelong Learning

As I begin this journey, I will start by looking at the “big picture”. I will plan and think about what it is I want to achieve to attain my goal. I understand that I am responsible for my learning and I need to pace myself to successfully complete this course. I am in high gear at the moment, since I am just now starting!  Just like I tell my students, “Take responsibility for your own behavior!”, I am going to do that too.  Some things are going to move very smoothly and I know some things may be a little rough, but with the help of Ms. Bump and other bloggers, I know I will come of this with a new understanding of technology, communication and leading my students into a new world of learning.

As I learn new things, I will add them to my toolbox(I like that analogy) and hopefully, use them over and over as time and technology advances.  I will also promise to share and learn things from others. I know this is one of the most important things about being a lifelong learner. I have learned so much in my teaching career from master teachers. They have made me the teacher I am today and I will continue to pass that on to others. ! Last but not least…is PLAY….gotta have it!! It is great to have fun in learning and the more humor that you can use to build relationships, the better! I always tell my own children, “Laugh at yourself. Nobody is perfect!” and I try to live that way too!

 So, here we go on this journey…I am beginning with the end in mind. Wish me luck!

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